About the Project

Within the framework of the project “NEWTON” – Network between Workers' Federations and their Training Organisations in Europe Now! – trade unions and their training institutions from five countries of the European Union initiated a structural dialogue about:

  1. employment and labour market policies and developments
  2. educational and skills policies
  3. possibilities and options to foster the renewed Lisbon-agenda for more and better jobs in Europe.

This was realised through four joint project meetings, a European conference and the initiation of a European Association for trade unions and their training organisations in Europe. The objective of the project was to create and maintain a discussion platform and a structured network for the exchange of experiences in the field of educational and skills policy as well as labour market mega-trends and developments.

Outcomes of the project are:

  • a shared view about the necessities in the participating countries for investments in human resources through better education and skills
  • a shared understanding about qualification needs and deficits within the labour market’s structures in each participating country
  • against the background of the demographic development a shared vision about the need for a life long development of competences and qualifications
  • common measures and methods about useful strategies for the anticipation of further training needs/ labour market forecasts in each participating country

Union-bound training providers and their unions are invited to join the network. More information can be found in the attached brochure.

ETUI about the final conference

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